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Exhibitions & Showcases

Current Exhibitions

The Chapel Gallery provides around twenty exhibitions and showcases each year. Our current programme of exhibitions is below.

Click to enlarge: AniMotion
17 September –
12 November 2016
Visitors can watch their faces come to life as winged creatures which flap and fly around on-screen; they can try out an Occulus Rift headset and enter an imaginary animated world, or be spooked by the hypnotic eyes of a Day of the Dead inflatable skull!

This exhibition features several animation techniques, from Zoetropes through to CGI. The commissioned artists, including Aardman Studios, have produced works which illustrate these techniques and all have been designed to be enjoyably interactive.

Exhibition organised by 20|21

Free Family Friendly &
Half Term Activities:
Download for full details: Half Term Holiday Activities.pdf
Click to enlarge: Winters Tales - Val Jackson textiles
Winters Tales:
19 November 2016 –
21 January 2017
Alice returns from her Wonderland, Jack scrambles back down his Beanstalk and Shakespearean fairies emerge from their forests…

This is an exhibition inspired by storytelling: enchanting fables, exotic tales and personal narratives.

Throughout the Winter months, visitors are invited to explore this exhibition, discovering an array ofartworks
that will fascinate and delight.

Exhibiting Artists: Jac Balmer, Mychael Barratt, Mary Campbell, Val Jackson, Shirlee McGuire, Judy Musselle,
Ruth Packham, Gill Smith, Steve Talbot, Mark Uttley and Louise Wood.

Opening Event: Saturday 19
November. Visit to enjoy free,
family friendly activities.
Click to enlarge: Magical Geometry - Louisa Chambers, Guise
Magical Geometry:
28 January –
25 March 2017
What do we think of when we hear the word geometry? A sharp shape and a clean line?

Works produced with a ruler and a steady hand certainly feature in this group show, but visitors will also discover pieces that play with the dynamic qualities associated with this ancient term.

The resulting exhibition is a celebration of shape, symmetry and pattern – the mysterious magic of geometry.

Exhibiting Artists: Emma Bennett, Louisa Chambers, Damian Cruikshank, Stephen Cunliffe, Lisa Jones, Collette
Lilley, Jim Milner, Arthur Roberts and Jason Thompson.

Opening Event: Saturday 28 January. Visit to enjoy free, family friendly activities.
Click to enlarge: AOI2016, Julinu Maia, Morning Malaise
The Association of Illustrators’
World Illustration Awards:

1 April – 6 May 2017
We are proud to host this prestigious exhibition which brings together exceptional images created by artists from across the globe.

From self-initiated experiments, to the covers that entice us to read a particular book, this exhibition demonstrates that innovation in illustration has the power to persuade, excite and engage us all.

Exhibition organised by the Association of Illustrators

The Reading Room: Back by popular demand! In partnership with Waterstones, Ormskirk. Bring a book and swap it for another, take a seat and stay with us a while.

Opening Event: Saturday 1 April. Visit to enjoy free, family friendly activities.