Chapel Gallery | Education Workshops
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Education Workshops

From guided tours to practical workshops at the gallery or school, we work closely with nurseries, schools and colleges to encourage young people’s creativity and bring curriculum topics to life through the visual and performing arts.

The art education team work in collaboration with professional artists and performers to develop engaging bespoke workshops and activities that meet each nursery, school or colleges particular needs. These can take place at the gallery, combined with a tour of our exhibitions, or at a nursery, school or college.

From a play about the Roman’s in Britain, written and performed by the young people who participate, to exploring printmaking techniques inspired by our exhibitions or the creation of autobiographical clay characters – anything is possible!

Education Visit/Workshop Options

A) Self-guided tour: Free, but these sessions need to be booked in advance.

B) Guided visit: Free. The group is given a short introduction to the exhibition. The group would then be encouraged to engage with these works independently/supported by school staff.

C) Guided tour: Between £20 and £50 depending on planning and numbers in the group. A full tour of the exhibition would be provided with discussion focused on particular works.

D) Facilitated workshops with a professional artist or performer at the Chapel Gallery: Half-day £150 (£170 for schools outside West Lancashire). Full day £220 (£250 for schools outside West Lancashire). These sessions are based on whatever subject best suits your group, so can be used to bring alive a curriculum topic or can simply be inspired by your town, a sense of self or something more playful. i.e. In the past we’ve facilitated workshops based on Florence Nightingale, Vikings, Romans, Greek Mythology, Ormskirk heritage and a robot invasion!

E) Facilitated workshops at school: Half-day min cost £180 (£200 for schools outside West Lancashire). Full Day £250 (£270 for schools outside West Lancashire). Materials are included unless specialised materials need to be bought. As for options D, these workshops are based on whatever subject best suits your group, so can be used to bring alive a curriculum topic or can simply be inspired by your town, a sense of self or something more playful. i.e. In the past we’ve facilitated workshops based on Florence Nightingale, Vikings, Greek Mythology, Ormskirk heritage and a robot invasion!

“Excellent curriculum links and organisation of the day. Very well presented. We have had a wonderful day. Thank You!” St Anne’s RC Primary School.

“Well-run, clear, well-organised, good interaction with the children. Artist really positive. Excellent trip as always!” St. Stevens, C of E Primary School.