Chapel Gallery | Past Exhibitions & Events
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Past Exhibitions & Events

Pirates, Pants and Wellyphants, The Illustrated World of Nick Sharratt

16 April – 25 June 2016

Nick Sharratt, the man behind the instantly recognisable illustrations for Jacqueline Wilson’s Tracy Beaker books, is now the subject of a colourful, interactive, humorous and hands-on exhibition. The show features many of the well-known characters Nick has illustrated over the years, including Daisy, Hetty Feather and Pirate Pete. Immerse yourself in Nick’s world! A national touring exhibition organised by Gallery 20/21.


17 September – 12 November 2016

Visitors can watch their faces come to life as winged creatures which flap and fly around on-screen; they can try out an Oculus Rift headset and enter an imaginary animated world, or be spooked by the hypnotic eyes of a Day of the Dead inflatable skull!

This exhibition features several animation techniques, from Zoetropes through to CGI. The commissioned artists, including Aardman Studios, have produced works which illustrate these techniques and all have been designed to be enjoyably interactive.

Exhibition organised by 20|21

Rise Up and Build

24 September – 12 November 2011

In their latest work, Rise Up and Build, artists’ Jane Fairhurst and Tim Fielding contemplate the impossibility of Utopia. Built during a period of post war optimism, the New Town of Skelmersdale in Lancashire is where the artists’ have chosen to focus their research.

In Rise Up and Build, Fairhurst and Fielding exhibit video work and an installation of constructed models, alongside archive film footage, rediscovered architect models and original paintings that were commissioned in the early days of Skelmersdale Development Corporation.

I‘ve Grown Up With It

12 June – 21 July 2010

This compelling installation transforms the gallery space and our engagement with it; an immersive experience that draws us through to explore.

With found objects, archive photographs and film, recontextualised within this ambitious installation, artist Debra Budenberg creates an environment that questions our sense of space and the passage of time while exploring our idealised notions and expectations of art, self and family.

The Fateful Fable of 13

7 May – 2 July 2011

‘It’s fated that Thirteen itself; a real being of pure bad luck, will come for you when least expected and bring about your unfortunate demise.’ Matthew Roby

West Lancashire Borough Council‘s Arts Development Service and the Chapel Gallery team worked with artist Matthew Roby to create our first national touring exhibition. This is a strand of work of which we can see great potential to develop in the future.

The Fateful Fable of 13 was launched at the Chapel Gallery in May 2011 and has since been exhibited in venues as far apart as Newcastle and Luton. The tour ended in November 2013. The work included in the tour consisted of 13 character sculptures, 26 framed prints, an illustrated storybook, exhibition catalogue and postcards.

Together, this motley crew created a grim fairytale for the 21st century, one that exploits Roby’s appealingly dark sense of humour, vivid storytelling and his ability to bring each weirdly wonderful character to life!

Making It

16 March – 27 April 2013

During the Spring, visitors will find the Chapel Gallery transformed by three artists who have relocated their studios – paints, posters, pot-plants and all – and have taken over the main exhibition space.

The artists: Julie James-Turner, who works with textiles, Angie Thompson, an illustrator and Louise Wood who works in 3D ceramics will be in situ on specific days to chat about their inspirations and processes.

Visitors will be offered a real insight into the creative process, from the generation of an initial idea to its realisation, and will even be invited to contribute to an artwork themselves.

Objects of Desire

Annual Christmas group show

Visitors travel from far and wide to find perfect gifts for Christmas at the Chapel Gallery.

Choose from an amazing selection of contemporary craft provided by some of the very best UK based designers and makers. There are collections of exquisite jewellery, glass, ceramics and textiles. Not to mention print, illustration and innovative lighting. Explore the gallery to find quirky surprises you’ll love!

Exhibited artists include: Samantha Bryan, Rebecca J Coles, Shaun Doyle, Ruth Moilliet, Jane Moore, Janine Partington, Richard Sweeney, Lauren Van Helmond and Claire Willard – to name a few.

The Uncanny

29 September – 17 November 2012

On entering this exhibition visitors might experience a peculiar sensation, the unsettling feeling that something isn’t quite right or that an artwork is not at all what it seems…

This exhibition brings together thirteen artists who explore ideas associated with the uncanny, from generating an eerie sense of unease or making the familiar unfamiliar, to acknowledging the motifs and techniques developed through movements such as Dada and Surrealism.

Exhibited Artists: Jane Barwood, Ruth Fuller, Barbara Jones, Linda Lencovic, Anja Lubach, Amanda Palmer, Kirsty E Smith, Holly Stevenson, Jacki Storey, Sally Waterman, Caroline Watson, Teresa Wilson and Phillip Woolway.


22 January – 5 March 2011

This exhibition explores the way in which text shapes our world, from newsprint and typography’s ability to present information as absolute truth, to the fact that handwriting is as good as a fingerprint when representing our unique identity.

Consider the power and authority of graphic type against the fluid beauty and individuality of handwritten script.

Exhibiting Artists: Ian Bradbury & Sarah Morpeth, David Chalkey, Fabio Coruzzi, Paul Matosic, Emma McLeod, Carl Middleton, Tony Rickaby, Donna Rumble-Smith, Sandra Turley and Anne-Marie Wright.



24 April – 5 June 2010

An exhibition that focuses on memory and mementoes, from nostalgia and the way in which memory distorts over time, to the emotions evoked by the simplest object loaded with meaning.

Exhibiting Artists: Murieann Brady, Catherine Kleeli, Julie Lawrence, Sara Nesteruk, Chantal Powell, Consuelo Seixas-Radclyffe, Heather Tait, John Taylor, Karen Thompson, Lisa Traxler and Louise Wood.

Louise Wood interprets the personal memories of others. Through a series of interviews with the ex-employees of two well-known West Lancashire sites Louise has amassed a collection of stories that reveal the humorous and affecting experiences of the correspondents. These interactive pieces encourage the viewer to open secret compartments and discover the hidden mementoes inside.

Sara Nesteruk’s award-winning animated short The Accident gave us the opportunity to reconfigure our main exhibition space by building a screening cube at its centre that would accommodate video, film, and moving images as projections.