This event will reflect upon expressions of landscape produced by contemporary visual artists working in a variety of mediums, posing questions around the enduring attraction of artists to natural environments and the particular issues that this can address today.

Following on from some of the Chapel Gallery’s recent exhibitions (Under British Skies and the current exhibition by artist David Ogle), the event will address the issues, challenges faced, and different methods employed by artists whose work confronts (or in some way seeks to represent) landscape and the individual motivations for doing so.

This event will consider artistic approaches to landscape historically and how these reflect broader social/cultural changes in our conceptions of it. The once epic, romanticised vision of the natural wilderness (evidenced by the work of 19th C. artists such as Caspar David Friedrich) today feels somehow antiquated, with many contemporary artists instead portraying nature with an imperilled fragility (in response to the myriad impacts of human exploitation of natural resources).

How do artistic approaches to landscape mirror a changing relationship to (and understanding of) nature and can we articulate the circumstances of this today?

What do the methods, mediums and subject matters embraced by contemporary artists demonstrate about our connection to landscape and what do they hope to achieve through working in these ways?

More broadly, what significance can landscape play in people’s lives and can it still evoke the sense of wonder that has inspired artists historically?

Participating Artists:

  • Tracey Eastham
  • Claire Tindale
  • Miranda Whall
  • Simon Woolham
  • Hilary Jack
  • Ruth Murray
  • David Ogle


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Reflecting Landscapes